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Rainwater Tanks – Quick Look at Rainwater and the Uses

12 Feb

Collecting RainwaterWater tanks are storage tanks purposely built for storing bore or rainwater. When built according to Australian standards, they will are built to last and store water and chemicals under normal atmospheric conditions.

In many parts of the world rainwater tanks are used to collect water which would be used later on for domestic or other functions.

Many brands of rainwater tanks are sold in the market place and these come in different types. This article will take a quick look at rainwater tanks in general by highlighting the basic details about them.

First off, for many reasons, rain water may be collected by individuals, families, communities or even business persons.

The need to store this water becomes necessary because there could be water scarcity in the future. Depending on the capacity of the tank use, many hundreds of gallons of water are used.

The uses for water stored in rainwater tanks

The water stored in water tanks can be used for different purposes which may include:

  • gardening
  • farming
  • washing tools or machines
  • flushing toilets
  • cleaning items in the home etc.

Sometimes the water is stored for drinking purposes (of course, this will take place after it must have been purified or made safe for drinking). So, for economic or environmental purposes, rain water is collected via storage tanks.